Contract Accounting and Tax Services


Accounts Payable

  1. Review invoices for categorization and record
  2. Maintain vendor files
  3. Monitor and Maintain W-9 data for not-corporate service providers
  4. Complete and process credit applications
  5. Work with vendors on credit terms
  6. Review discrepancies with vendor
  7. Review invoices for credits listed by manager
  8. Maintain credit policies
  9. Process payments
  10. Monitor and Maintain Trade Accounts (when needed).
  11. Monitor non-invoice payments such as loan, insurance, rental and other payments


  1. Risk Management
  2. Policy and Procedures
    1. Discuss processing and facilitation
    2. Financial and Non-financial impact
    3. Risk Management Assessment
    4. Assist with Implementation
  3. Licenses and Permits
  4. Internal Controls
    1. Segregation of Duties
    2. Evaluate Current Risks of Controls
    3. Recommend Alternative Controls
    4. Assist with Implementation of Control Changes
    5. Assist with Monitoring and Maintaining Controls
  5. Establishment and Maintenance of Technology, Bank Accounts, Data Processing, Collection of Cash
  6. Loan and credit applications and monitoring
    1. Discussions and Packaging
    2. Strategy with shareholders to position balance sheet for loans
    3. Follow up and discussion with owners and banks
  7. Maintain and Monitor insurance coverage: Liability, Workman Comp, and Life Insurance etc.
  8. Tax Risk Management


  1. Bank Reconciliation
  2. Monthly Financial Statements
    1. P&L discussion at scheduled meetings
  3. Weekly Reporting
    1. Sales Revenue
    2. Gross Labor Costs
    3. Cash Over / Short(s)
  4. Online PC Banking
  5. Monitoring, Maintenance and Establishment of Labor and Inventory/Cost programs.
  6. Monitor and Maintenance of Established Internal Controls

Cash Management

  1. Daily Sales
    1. Review Accuracy of Daily Report and related support
    2. Monitor Void/Comp Reports
    3. Verify Cash and Batch Deposits
    4. Review paid outs for authorization
    5. Discuss procedures managers
  2. Monitor cash flow and bank balances
  3. Monitor cash balance with centralized payroll account


  1. Sales Tax
  2. Property Tax
  3. Business License Tax

Record Keeping

  1. Retain and Maintain Accounting records, leases, contracts, permits, financial statements, tax returns, insurance, etc. permanently or within the prescribed normal limits.


  1. Payroll Input
  2. Monitor and Control Payroll Adjustments
  3. Payroll Garnishments
  4. Payroll Organization
  5. Unemployment Claim Reporting
  6. Unemployment Audits
  7. Reporting of New Employees to State
  8. Employment Tax Deposits
  9. Quarterly and Annual Federal/State Compliance Filings
  10. Payroll Reports
  11. Payroll Discrepancies and Tax Variances
  12. Payroll Report Filing Accuracy


  1. Sales Tax
  2. Property Tax
  3. Business License Tax
  4. Business Income Tax Returns
    1. Preparation and Maintenance
    2. Tax planning and minimization at business level
    3. Estimated Tax Payments
  5. Franchise Tax
  6. IRS Audit Representation
  7. Assistance with State Audits
  8. Merger and Acquisitions
  9. Business Structure Planning